Thursday, May 6, 2010

MakeUp Inspirations

Rihanna's make up is always playful. You can tell that she is not afraid to play with colors.
Kim Kardashian's make up is always glamorous. No one can rock a smokey eye and glowy skin like she can.
Kate Hudson has that natural glamour to her make up. She doesnt pile on her make up. I love that she keeps it natural and subtle.
Jennifer Lopez always has the bronzed glowy look. I love the way she is rocking this peach lipstick in this picture.
Gabrielle Union's makeup looks so effortless yet she still looks gorgeous.
Beyonce's make up looks great where ever she goes. She may cake on the make up in her videos but when she is out and about she keeps it simple with just the right about to make her look fab-u-lous. lol



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