Friday, October 28, 2011

How I Would Style Fur Boots

Earlier this week, I made a post about fur boots so I wanted to come up with two different looks on how I would wear with fur boots. You could do a full on fur boot or a fur trimmed boot. There are so many different styles of boots with fur, the sky is the limit. I prefer a fur boot with a more simple outfit. Since the fur is such a statement piece or the main focus, I like to pair it with basics and neutral colors.

The first look below is military inspired. I think the look of the boots would suit a military jacket pretty well. Between the military inspired jacket and the boots, it would be great to wear a simple top, nothing over the top. The skinny jeans allow you to showcase your silhouette.

This look below is a more classic way of wearing fur boots. The classic-ness of the lace goes really well with this style of boot. This could be worn to work or a gathering. I think its perfect during the winter. The blazer is just a added touch for when you go outside and it can be a little chilly.

How do you like to style fur boots?



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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Trend: Fur Vest

I was never a fan of furs (or faux furs) but lately I have been on the search to find a fabulous fur vest. I think they are great to add to a basic outfit to add some glamour. My inspiration is definitely Rachel Zoe. She can rock a fur vest like no other.

I would prefer a fur vest over a full fur coat because it seems less gaudy, in my opinion. I think a fur vest can be a staple pieces that can be worn years (or even decades) down the line. Its less of a trend and more of a staple piece.

I've compiled a few fur vests that I have found that I think look great. I'm sure at least one of them will fit your style or wallet.

What do you think about fur vests? Love it or is it not your style?

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aussie Heat Protecting Shine Spray Review

I like blogging about different products I try because I like reading posts about different products. I want to help those out who may be searching for this product and happen to stumble across my blog. My reviews are just meant to be another opinion about a certain product. My review is not the end all be all on a product because we all have different experiences.

Now I've been using this product for about a couple months now. I think I picked it up at Target when I needed a new heat protector. I haven't used one in so long, the last one I used was Tresemme's Heat Tamer (and that was a few years ago).

Aussie's Heat Protecting Shine Spray claims that it "Helps shield hair from heat damage and lets your look shine".


Now my hair is naturally shiny and I use a lot of different oils in my hair so I'm not sure if this product adds more shine to my hair or not.

On the heat protecting side, No one TRULY knows if heat protectors work on your hair. We all like to think they do. Its kind of like sunscreen lol...we use it just to make sure we don't damage our skin (or hair in this aspect).


I use this product after I shampoo and condition my hair. I apply it to my hair then wait for it to soak in a little then fully blow dry my hair. I think it would be hard to use this product if you are only flat ironing your hair because it is a water-based product and if you don't let your hair dry before you flat iron it, there is a chance of frying your hair (which defeats the purpose of using a heat protector in the first place). I realized I prefer heat protectors that are oils or dry products as opposed to liquid, especially for flat ironing my hair.

But I do notice if I use too much, it will make my hair feel a little sticky (its not extremely noticeable but I can feel that the texture of my hair is a little different).

Another con I have is that the second ingredient is alcohol, which is bad for our hair and can have a drying effect.

I like that this product seems to evenly distribute the product in a mist. I like to feel like this product is protecting my hair but I am not absolutely sure it does. This product is extremely affordable and easily accessible.

This is my first Aussie product so I am not sure how it compares to their other products, I would like to try their 3 minute conditioner.

On the back of the bottle it does say "Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back (within the first 30 days)". But it also says you have to call with unused product and your receipt. Umm how would you know if you satisfied if it is "unused"? But anyway....

Would I purchase this product again?

- Maybe, if it was on sale and I didn't want to spend a lot on a heat protector.

Would I recommend this?

- If you are interested in trying a new heat protector on your hair, and you have about $4 to spare, sure. I don't think this is a horrible product but it isn't a "holy grail" product either. If I had to recommend any heat protector it would be the chi silk infusion (which has been the best heat protector I've used to this date, I just wish it wasn't so expensive).

I would give this product a 3.75/5

What is your favorite heat protector?



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Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Monday: Rihanna

I love almost every song Rihanna has. Now I will admit that she is a good entertainer but she isnt a great singer or dancer. I think she is just a great star....if that makes sense. She just seems like a cool chick who says whats on her mind, that's part of the reason why I like her. She is one artist I can truly say I would like to hang out with.

Her last few albums have been hits and I rarely like almost every song on an album, but with her albums that's the way it is.

Just last week Ms. RiRi came out with a video for her new single "We Found Love". Now I've been hearing the song on the radio but I never liked it, it always sounded so "pop-ish" and "clubby". The video actually made me like the song. The video is very intense and passionate. I know some people are saying its just a video but I think this video is flashbacks of her relationship with Chris Brown.

She is showing that those dysfunctional relationships are fun and exciting (and even dangerous) but you have to realize when you are in a bad situation.

I also like this song Cheers (Drink To That), its a bomb party song. I just cant wait to go to a club and dance to this song. Every time the song comes on I have to dance, if I'm in the car or listening to it at home.

What do you think about these two songs?