Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Must Have: 10 things that should be in your beach bag

1. Water - At the beach it is important to stay hydrated. The sun and the chance of swallowing salt water can both make you dehydrated.

2. Sunscreen - we don't want skin cancer or to get a sunburn (and yes black people get sunburned too lol)

3. Towel (uhhh....duh lol) also... keep a towel in your car (if you drove to the beach) so you wont get your seats wet.

4. Snack (or a meal, if you will be at the beach for a long time)

5. Cover Up, big t shirt, a maxi dress...or whatever you choose to put over your bathing suit. In case you plan on going somewhere after the beach or if you don't want to walk around in your bathing suit after you leave the beach.

6. Book/magazine (for those who don't really get in the water)

7. Goggles (for those who LOVE getting in the water)

8. Lip balm or moisturizer with SPF in it. the salt water tends to draw all the moisture out of your body, including your lips.

9. Camera (or phone on your camera make sure to put it in your bag in a safe place so it wont get wet. i hate getting sand in my phone).

10. I always forget this and its probably the least important.... extra Hair ties. I hate when my hair gets everywhere and I always forget to bring a clip or hair tie.

What is your must have item to bring to the beach?



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