Monday, November 21, 2011

Music Monday: Beyonce Live @ Roseland

I've heard a lot of Bey stans talking about this Live at Roseland performance being amazing. I like Beyonce's music but she isn't necessarily my favorite artist. When I saw this video, it made me like her even more. Her work ethic, personality, and the way she keeps her relationship with Jay-z private are things that made me love her from this video.

Beyonce - I was Here ( Live at Roseland)

The lyrics are very inspiring and spark something in me to "leave my mark" on this world.

Her vevo account is showing the whole DVD (Live at Roseland), which is an hour long performance including clips. It is supposed to be online for only 24 hours (so that will be until 11/21/2011 5pm EST) so hurry and watch it if you want to see it.

I love that she included clips from her private life.

What do you think about these videos?



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