Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to Shop Black Friday

I've been shopping on black friday a for the last few years. Although I've never spent big money or rushed early to stores, I've learned a few things about shopping on Black Friday. Below are a few tips to make the process easier...

  1. Make a list of things you want and need...for yourself and presents for others.
  2. Check the store's ads and their online deals. Sometimes stores may have separate deals for people who want to purchase something online instead of going into a store.
  3. If or when you do find something you really want, search around to see if another store or website has it for a cheaper price. You can also see if a store offers a gift card with a purchase. For instance, I've seen a few ads where two different stores have an ipod touch on sale for the same price but one store may offer a gift card with the purchase. Look for things like that.
  4. For hot commodity items (like TVs, laptops, tablets, furniture) make sure to get to the store super early (this year, maybe 1am or earlier...yikes).
  5. Make sure you map out where you want to go and the times that certain stores open. It also helps having someone with you so they can go to one store while you are in another.
  6. When buying electronics, already make up your mind if you want the store's extended warranty or protection. They are going to try to sell it to you and you need to already have made up your mind if you want it or not. Dont let them manipulate you into something...unless you want it...
  7. Be prepared for the madness. this is the hardest part for me lol. People will act frantic and crazy over hot ticket products or the last of a product.
  8. Always check out a store's return policy or warranty on the item. Sometimes its not worth buying something so cheap and it ends up breaking and you cant return it.
  9. Save some money for Cyber Monday

This year, just like every other year, I dont plan on getting that much. I know i need a new set of sheets so I may get that from wal-mart or target. I also plan on getting Just Dance 3, I want to see who has it for the cheapest price. I need to get a few make-up things for Christmas, maybe from Ulta....but thats about it. Pretty boring.

Here are a few websites that show what stores are having what sales

Do you plan on going shopping for black friday? What do you plan on purchasing?

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