Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How To Wear: Boho Chic Style

I am doing this series for those who want to experiment with different fashion styles. Almost everyone has their set style to what they stick to almost most days, but this is way for us to just branch out and try different styles. 

*These are my personal opinions and taste, this is in no way "the law" on how to dress boho chic*

Boho Chic is usually 60s and 70s inspired and comes from the word "Bohemian". It includes more earthy tones like browns and tan. This style is all about effortlessness and being a free spirit. Most of the time when you see someone who is wearing a "boho" inspired outfit, it is not perfectly put together. This style is about trying but not trying at all. This is great for casual occasions like shopping, going to the beach, or even a casual date. This style is my personal favorite but I do not incorporate everyday.

The tops are usually flowy and not form fitting, like "peasant tops". Maxi dresses are also incorporated into this look.
Bottoms may include peasant style skirts, Flared jeans, or jean shorts.
Shoes may include sandals, boots, and/or platform style shoes.
Accessories: headband (across the forehead), bangles, Hats (Fedora), handbags (with tassels), and big sunglasses.

This style reminds me of what someone would wear to a music festival in the summer, like Coachella or Woodstock decades ago. This style looks very effortless and laid back. Mary Kate and Ashley, Sienna Miller, and Nicole Richie are known for wearing these looks a lot. 

Below are some ways I personally would wear/style this "boho chic" style. 

boho chic 2

Jane Norman bohemian top
£15 -

YMI embroidered shorts
$28 -

Dorothy Perkins quilted bag
$135 -

Miss Selfridge wood jewelry
$22 -

Dorothy Perkins gold hair accessory
$6 -

What do you think about the boho chic style? Is this your style or do you just experiment with this?



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