Friday, October 28, 2011

How I Would Style Fur Boots

Earlier this week, I made a post about fur boots so I wanted to come up with two different looks on how I would wear with fur boots. You could do a full on fur boot or a fur trimmed boot. There are so many different styles of boots with fur, the sky is the limit. I prefer a fur boot with a more simple outfit. Since the fur is such a statement piece or the main focus, I like to pair it with basics and neutral colors.

The first look below is military inspired. I think the look of the boots would suit a military jacket pretty well. Between the military inspired jacket and the boots, it would be great to wear a simple top, nothing over the top. The skinny jeans allow you to showcase your silhouette.

This look below is a more classic way of wearing fur boots. The classic-ness of the lace goes really well with this style of boot. This could be worn to work or a gathering. I think its perfect during the winter. The blazer is just a added touch for when you go outside and it can be a little chilly.

How do you like to style fur boots?



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  1. What's going on with fur??? It seems to be EVERYWHERE... an i looooooooooove it! Those outfits are so elegant , but the first one with some extra points! ;) Nice post!!!

  2. @Sosita i know!!! lol i am obsessed with fur lately. Thanks for commenting