Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Monday: Rihanna

I love almost every song Rihanna has. Now I will admit that she is a good entertainer but she isnt a great singer or dancer. I think she is just a great star....if that makes sense. She just seems like a cool chick who says whats on her mind, that's part of the reason why I like her. She is one artist I can truly say I would like to hang out with.

Her last few albums have been hits and I rarely like almost every song on an album, but with her albums that's the way it is.

Just last week Ms. RiRi came out with a video for her new single "We Found Love". Now I've been hearing the song on the radio but I never liked it, it always sounded so "pop-ish" and "clubby". The video actually made me like the song. The video is very intense and passionate. I know some people are saying its just a video but I think this video is flashbacks of her relationship with Chris Brown.

She is showing that those dysfunctional relationships are fun and exciting (and even dangerous) but you have to realize when you are in a bad situation.

I also like this song Cheers (Drink To That), its a bomb party song. I just cant wait to go to a club and dance to this song. Every time the song comes on I have to dance, if I'm in the car or listening to it at home.

What do you think about these two songs?