Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She's Got Jungle Fever

Lately I have been obsessed with animal print, especially leopard. I think the warmer tones in leopard are great for the fall. I used to be intimidated by animal prints but the older I get I see that it can be worn without looking like you are wearing an animal.

Below are a few ways you can use to easily incorporate leopard into your wardrobe. All of these pieces are to be worn separate, I mean unless you want to be one of the girls from Jerseylicious for Halloween lol. My views on leopard may be a little different from others, I prefer to wear solid neutral colors and have the leopard be the statement piece.


What do you think about leopard? Do you wear animal print?




  1. I Love leopard shoes! especially heels!!!!
    I so wanna try the leggings but I have thick ties! and it looks weird on me lmao
    Nice pick the only think I dnt like on your pick is the 4th picture! ewww hahahah :P

  2. i am obsessed as well! all of these are great picks!

    xo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. @Liscy yeah I have to build up the courage to wear leopard leggings too lol. Thanks for commenting

  4. @Monroe I'm glad I'm not the only one who is obsessed lol Thanks for commenting

  5. I love the last outfit!
    You have adorable blog!

    Maybe we can follow to each other?