Thursday, January 26, 2012

CVS Haul: 75% off Make Up Products

You should head to your local CVS right now. They have tons of makeup on sale. I wanted to make a quick post about these products because the deal was so great. The products I picked up were Milani because they had the biggest deal but there were many other brands that had products on sale.

All of these products costs $12. The blushes, bronzer, nail polishes were around $1.70. The most expensive thing was the covergirl concealer, which was $4.

I will do a real Haul on these products this week but I wanted to let you guys know about this so you can rush to your CVS and see what they have.

What are some great deals on make up you have seen lately? And if you do happen to go to CVS, let me know what you get.



*By the way, sorry the picture quality is so horrible, I wanted to let you guys know of this deal quickly.*

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  1. Those deals are well good! oh and i have given you the cute blog award, you can check my blog for more details!xoxo