Sunday, June 26, 2011

Health/Fitness Tip

Health Tip:

Eat from the outsides of the store rather than the middle aisles. The outter perimeters of most grocery stores have dairy, vegetables/fruits, and meats. The inner aisles usually have more of the processed foods like chips, microwavable meals, and instant foods (which take longer to process through your body).

Fitness Tip:

Always warm up before a workout. Trust me, I hate warming up before a workout but it helps you burn more calories and prevents you from getting aches and cramps after you workout. Even if you have to do stretches like rolling your hips (like shakira lol) or moving your head in circular motions, it all gets your body warmed up for a workout.

I did not come up with these tips nor am I claiming to be a professional. I've learned about them as I have been on my "get healthy" journey.

Hope these tips have helped some of you out



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