Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mini Walgreens Haul

I just wanted to blog about a few products I picked up while I was at Walgreens Tuesday night.

I saw this Nivea Creme at the register for .99cents so i figured i had to pick it up and try it. So for it has been moisturizing but If i really like it I may do an indepth review on it.

I also saw wet n' wild had their eye pencils on sale for .49cents (so if any of you guys like wet n' wild, you might wanna check out your local walgreens). Below is a swatch but it is just a basic white eyeliner.

My main reason for going to walgreens was to find an orange lipstick. A few people on tumblr told me that Milani had a great orange lipstick. I couldnt find or decide which one they were talking about so i picked up this one in Orange Gina. I think its ehhh but i'll still wear it this summer. The Milani website describes it as a golden orange.

I just decided to stroll on down the hair aisle and i saw organix had buy one get one free on their shampoos and conditioners so i had to try it out. I'm not sure how it will work or it is a good product but If i end up loving it i will definitely blog about it.

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